sabato 5 ottobre 2013


This application presents the essential Rock Music discography (1000 discography, 12.000 screenfulls, more than 35.000 record covers and their track listings). This unique iconographic encyclopedia lists the totality of visuals, LP first!! and CD of course by favoring the country of origin of the artists and the concerned groups.?
These discographies, are accompanied with their musical links (Solo albums of the musicians, artistic collaborations etc.) as well as the foreign editions (titles, different covers). The major albums to begin a collection are highlighted. Zooms on the striking covers of the rock music history, allows to visualize completely the artistic aspect of the latter.?Designed to be accessible to all, this work which requested 10 years of research will serve as reference to all amateurs and professionals of rock music. This self explanatory application can be consulted by the rockers worldwide.


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